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Sandleford Park, Newbury

The site and planning background

Sandleford Park, Newbury

The principle of development at Sandleford Park was approved by West Berkshire Council in 2012 on adoption of the Council's Core Strategy, which allocated the site for up to 2,000 new homes. The framework for delivery of Sandleford Park was set out in more detail in the Council's Supplementary Planning Document.

The land, which stretches from Monks Lane in the north to the A339 in the east, to parts of the River Enborne in the south and towards Andover Road to the west, is in control of Bloor Homes, the Sandleford Farm Partnership and Donnington New Homes.

Over the past few years, several planning applications have been submitted for the main bulk of the site but were turned down by the Council on several grounds, not least that the Council's desire that submissions should present a coherent, co-ordinated and comprehensive development proposal across the entire site.

These latest applications meet the Council's requirement and also include several additional features that are the outcomes of on-going discussions with West Berkshire Council planners and other stakeholders, including the Newbury Rugby Club, Sport England, Newbury College and other groups.

Site Red Line 1

 Site plan red line boundary overlaid on aerial photo of Sandleford Park area

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