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Education and health

Comshutterstock 582628331.2ha (almost 3 acres) of land will be provided for an extension to Park House School and funding will be made to West Berkshire Education towards local secondary and primary schools infrastructure to accommodate growth in local school places. An additional 1.6ha (almost 4 acres) of land is reserved for Park House School by Donnington New Homes, being replacement of land required for access road purposes and/or for school expansion purposes (or for additional housing if not required).

Two new primary schools will be provided; a two-form entry school is proposed south of Monks Lane and a one-form entry (expandable to two-forms) will be provided in the western development area.

Likewise, funding from the development will be available for the NHS’s Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to provide local health service infrastructure such as new or extensions to existing health centres including the Falklands Surgery.



Newcomistock 000035465066XxxlargeSports facilities

Financial contributions will be made to Newbury Rugby Football Club towards sports pitch improvements on the club’s land. New sports pitches will also be provided for community use.





Comshutterstock 98521166

Affordable housing and an Extra Care Unit

The development will deliver 40% of the total new homes for much-needed affordable homes. As part of this, two Extra Care Facilities for the elderly will be provided.

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