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Sandleford Park, Newbury

Access, traffic and roads through Sandleford Park

Sandleford Park, Newbury

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The masterplan  shows that there will be four vehicle access points into the development: two off Monks Lane, one off the A339 and one via Warren Road, off Andover Road/A343.

A detailed Transport Assessment has been prepared with these new applications, which conclude that these access points will be able to accommodate the future growth in local traffic from the Sandford Park development. Initiatives include:


  • A traffic light-controlled junction on the A339 has already been granted planning permission as part of the Newbury College Link Road and this will extend into the new development with a junction to the south to facilitate improved traffic circulation to the Recycling Centre.
  • A significant financial contribution will be made by Bloor Homes towards the cost of this link road One of the junctions to the north will be the creation of a new roundabout on Monk’s Lane, the other as a new junction.
  • Access to housing on the western side of the development will be through a widening of Warren Road and junction improvements on Andover Road, to be facilitated by Donnington New Homes.
  • A spine road through the main areas of housing and through the Country Park will distribute traffic to all parts of the development and a new section of this road, known as the Crook’s Copse link, has been included in these plans to create a better east-west link.
  • To encourage sustainable alternative travel to private car use, the development will include a network of footways and cycle paths that will link to Newbury and into the new Country Park. A new bus service will also be provided in a phased manner, as the site is developed.


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